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Internacional Aravaca (International School of Aravaca) is a young school with seven years of antiquity located in Aravaca, Madrid.It is characterized by being private, mixed, secular, international, and bilingual, and because it uses a pedagogical method based on the intensive use of new technologies and a educational model based on the multiple intelligences.

The first stages are very important for a school, they are the basis on which it relies on its educational model and future growth.Due to the decrease in registrations in the pre-school stage, it is considered opportune to establish a renewal strategy through a graphic campaign that enhances the strengths offered by the school in its pre-school stage.

What are our 2 or 5 year olds today? They are our future, and that is why we must give them the attention they deserve to help them now and in their own futures, laying the foundations for their growth, both physical and mental, highlighting and enhancing each student's strengths, protecting them but allowing them to develop intellectually without being overprotected and without losing sight of their evolution.

Through this campaign we will see the application of this concept by means of one of the basic geometric forms which is the beginning of any line or drawing, the point, the circle; which will be accompanied by a range of colors ranging from white to Internacional Aravaca's corporate blue. In this case, the children's stage for which the web has been developed will be in the lightest shade of blue.The circle represents the completeness, the absolute, the sacred, unity, perfection, protection and marks an objective by enfolding it (being "attentive to the future"); for that reason we believe that it is the perfect way of transmitting our concept and the values that the school represents.

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