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Miss Food and Co.

Packaging design, identity and 3D modelling

The MissFood and Co. fictional brand is presented as a "Fast Gourmet", accessible to a target audience while giving off sophistication, modernity and health. The products of the brand follow innovative and attractive recipes that go in line with the new healthy tendencies that the society demands at the moment.

Fresh products that are divided into categories according to the consumer's tastes: vegetarian, low-calorie, with a high protein content and the classic version for those who do not take these aspects into account. Each product will be labeled with color stickers of its category. Packs of menus already built according to these categories will be offered and also the option to choose products independently and combine them to suit the consumer.

The typography chosen for the logo is Bebas Neue, sans-serif, very legible and rotund; and for "Fast Gourmet" the Walkway Black, something finer and calmer to bring contrast.It wants to transmit a modern, exclusive brand image, with a differential design both for its products and its design; as its target audience values quality and good taste.

The menu packaging follows the principles of modernity and practicality.An elegant, stylish and easy to assemble design that improves both its transport once purchased at the point of sale (when folding the box is built a handle) and when it's sent to the store, as it will arrive deployed.

We have created a general pack that allows a series of use options that bring added value to the customer. It is possible to open the menu comfortably, without disassembling the whole, so that the user can eat while walking, driving or performing activities that prevent them from sitting down to eat on a table. If the consumer has that time, he has the option to deploy the packaging to make it a tablecloth and thus to eat comfortably without worrying about staining the surface on which he places his food.The graphical application of the menu will be the same for all the menu types, always in black and white, and will carry a differentiating sticker that will indicate its category through the color.

Simple kraft type corrugated cardboard of 3mm thick has been chosen as the main material which, being in common use, gives a modern, handmade and healthy image due to its sober but natural appearance. The natural color will be used in all cases except for the internal support of the general pack, which will go with the logo on a white background to provide contrast and brightness inside.

The chosen kraft board is plasticized by one of its faces, making it an impermeable material and suitable for preserving food inside. The inside of these containers will be reinforced with a hermetically sealed plastic tray or the product will be wrapped in waxed paper for maximum protection and cleaning.

Finally, the cup for the drink, which will arrive at the point of sale already assembled, will be covered by a plastic lid to avoid spilling its contents.



Packaging construction